Our Studio

ISMAEL MERIDA ARQUITECTOS carries out its work primarily in the following areas
Estudio Ismael Merida
  • Residential: villas and residential complexes
  • Architecture of Leisure: hotels, shopping centers, restaurants and clubs, sports centers and golf resorts.
  • Architecture author: aimed at those customers committed to the design, and custom projects demanding where spatiality and new materials in the service of art.
  • Interior design and landscaping: teamwork with our partners we can develop decorating jobs in entertainment, housing ... coming to the last detail...

We are a team where the balance is our central pillar: experience our engineers and technicians and youth work and intensity in our design.

Our behavior: A large team of professionals directly to an ISMAEL MÉRIDA ARQUITECTOS, which provide a high level of expertise and coordination of each project phase. In this way we conduct any project with a rigorous system of internal control and delivery time: always adapting ourselves to the budget. Our goal: to understand our client's dream and create architecture.

Here there is no major player: the project result of dialogue between client and architect