The only protagonist of the play is its owner. It is he who will enjoy it. For ISMAEL MÉRIDA ARQUITECTOS project is not a good one that dazzles our ego, but one in which we understood his dream, realized he needed and gave an answer. So we do not have a preset style. The shape, esthetics result of this relationship.

ISMAEL MÉRIDA ARQUITECTOS is adapted to the particular needs of each client, from the dedication of a house, to the management and planning of a residential complex, always based on the commitment and respect to our principles:

- The study COMMITMENT to the environment around us, environmental awareness towards seeking the integration of our projects with the same.

- The FUSION of styles and languages, in search for HARMONY. The dialogue between TRADITION and modernity.

- New MATERIALS, new TECHNOLOGIES for each project, as each phase and budget demands.

- WATER: it is a STAR in our work, has many forms, from a sheet reflecting our facade, to make his move murmur ditches and canals winding through ... or the theatricality of a waterfall or a pond that merges with the infinite.

- FENG SHUI: our projects are studied from the provisions of this century-old philosophy in order to create harmony, COMFORT and space melt. From finding the right place for construction to better ORGANIZATION OF SPACE. From your workplace to your home.

- SPATIALITY: The Wealth of spaces aim of our design; opposing spaces, double height, we can create prospects, its theatricality