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The proposed guidelines are:

– An avant-garde design, studying each of its facades and the perspectives they create.

– Overcome the difficulty of the plot due to its complicated topography, lack of views, triangular shape and above all avoid the feeling of being boxed in, creating an attractive world of its own in the absence of other exterior attributes.

– As a consequence of the previous point, to enhance and conscientiously study the exterior common spaces. A space that is not residual, but that is the real attraction, that is a place where its neighbours complement their private life, a rich and beautiful space, that has a soul, that excites.

– Value privacy and design the differentiation of the common areas without isolating them.

The idea:

Search for very luminous dwellings, open and flexible floors, the lobbies almost disappear to unify the space from the entrance.

– Water is the axis. Water creates the great perspective: from north to south; it is the guiding thread of the project, and is represented in all its forms: it leads us from the entrance along the paths of the development. From the moment we see it in the form of a sheet of water-pond at the entrance, it follows us along the main path in the form of a river, which ends in a waterfall in the leisure area, taking advantage of the natural unevenness of the terrain.

– We have worked from the study of the perspectives that the dwellings will have towards the exterior and from the communal areas towards the buildings, to avoid creating a closed complex. To this end, diagonal perspectives have been promoted, so that each dwelling can enjoy the gardens and communal areas and open up to the outside.

– The design of the implantation is organic, adapting to the curves of the existing terrain.

– The contact of the buildings with the terrain is the curve. There, the curve is the protagonist, creating the contrast between the horizontal and geometric buildings and the lines of the urbanisation: curves.

– On the façade, movement will be sought, allowing the same type of house to have different areas and models of terraces. The idea is to dynamise the façade by creating formal details differentiated between the different levels, with the aim of creating more harmonious and fun façades.