An extremely complex project. He was the winner of a contest, in which face additional implementations presented an organic whole, plural and diverse in its forms but few guidelines:- The Feng Shui are present in the orientation, balance, materials …
– Water is the Hub. Water creates the big picture: from north to south, is a major flaw in the set, leaving both sides are aterraze building on the hillside, allowing views of dwellings on each other and creating a landscape of tiled roofs Arab cascade.
– The diagonal views. If the best views are to the south; buildings should be locked between them. We worked to provide housing prospects diagonally acquiring the sea. It was not easy, but no homes were devalued.
– Harmony: The apparent disorder is organic. Wherever we place ourselves, we will find its structure, are partial views. Only from an aerial view we can see your order.
– Integrates to your environment. The landscaping was one of its pillars.
– Design of the module as an element that is adapted to each location and differing ends. Essentially only the end many.
– Create a single set where navigating through each of his ways and discover new patios, prospects … who are only there to this path; corners that I’ve found during execution