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The rooms are arranged on parallel stone walls and plastered in white, adapting to the sloping terrain. Its adaptation to the terrain, in this way is organic, natural: each volume is integrated into its environment, thus making it very easy to adapt a type of home to each plot, each one being personal and unique.

We wanted to experience the sensations of the Ibizan farm and achieve its harmony. For this we could not design a single volume with an excessive impact, but a series of more discreet volumes, accompanied by landscaping and outdoor areas that allow us to get the most out of the plot. Among them, natural patios, which allow us to integrate the exterior and the gardens inside the house, articulate microclimates. At the same time, they separate the living areas such as living rooms, kitchens … from the sleeping areas, as we sought to become independent and thus allow each one, or each group, to inhabit the house independently, without affecting the others, something so common in Ibiza .

Bioclimatic Character. The main spaces were designed to have natural ventilation, placing the sheets of water at the entrances of the air currents in order to refresh the house. The patios that we described before, help to refresh and ventilate the rooms, in a natural way.

The water becomes the protagonist, from the entrance to the house that invites you to leave the noise and stress, entering the refuge, to the incredible pool-lake surrounding the house in its entire facade to the garden, where it becomes a mirror from the facade, swimming pool on different levels that you can access even from the master bedroom.