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The importance of the first impression is evident in this project. An imposing L-shaped porch, formed by 6 beams with an imitation wood finish, welcomes us to the house. A large double height open to the outside shows us the flying staircase that joins the ground and upper floors. The water from the inlet pond joins the pool on the rear façade, in continuity. The verticality marks the access façade.

We change the discourse on the rear façade, where the horizontal lines take center stage. A large porch on the ground floor, topped with a stone-clad frame, joins the upper floor terraces and protects the relaxation areas of this terrace. In contrast, the upper floor terraces are protected with a roof, pergolada in the center, and a lighter side wall. A marked sense of spaciousness that is accentuated by the large carpentry that unite exterior and interior. Three walls covered in gray ceramic, mark the horizontality that balances this facade.